Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Gorgeous Purple Outfit !!

Ok, i saw this Gorgeous Purple Outfit ... i'm going to go off on a short tangent for just a quick second ... if ANYONE of You reading this knows the whole MAC Viva Glam scheme, i sware this skirt looks JUST LIKE IT !! That alone was enough for me to NEED this outfit ... i am, after all, a MAC gurl !! So, anyways, saw this gorgeous outfit like 10 days ago and have been thinking about it daily. Thankfully, i wasn't working today so the time approached for me to step up to the auction website and place my bid. It was a whole $5 more than i had thought i would spend ...but $20 a skirt and blouse (that looks like MAC Viva Glam) is a darn good, dare I say great price. So, now all i have to do is wait for it to get here !! i feel like those women on that store commercial ..."open, open, open!" The postman will not bring it to me quickly enough, HA HA !! i'm including a picture of the Purple Outfit, one of the three outfits i bought today !! i think i'm going Auburn with this outfit, what do You think ?? OMG, now i need a purple belt ... wonder what color heels i should wear ?? Thanks for reading !!