Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Gorgeous Purple Outfit !!

Ok, i saw this Gorgeous Purple Outfit ... i'm going to go off on a short tangent for just a quick second ... if ANYONE of You reading this knows the whole MAC Viva Glam scheme, i sware this skirt looks JUST LIKE IT !! That alone was enough for me to NEED this outfit ... i am, after all, a MAC gurl !! So, anyways, saw this gorgeous outfit like 10 days ago and have been thinking about it daily. Thankfully, i wasn't working today so the time approached for me to step up to the auction website and place my bid. It was a whole $5 more than i had thought i would spend ...but $20 a skirt and blouse (that looks like MAC Viva Glam) is a darn good, dare I say great price. So, now all i have to do is wait for it to get here !! i feel like those women on that store commercial ..."open, open, open!" The postman will not bring it to me quickly enough, HA HA !! i'm including a picture of the Purple Outfit, one of the three outfits i bought today !! i think i'm going Auburn with this outfit, what do You think ?? OMG, now i need a purple belt ... wonder what color heels i should wear ?? Thanks for reading !!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Buying a Dress

Wow! Such an Incredible Day ... there is just so much that I could ramble on about ... First off, last night I went to a local department store and bought a ca-ute little black a-line skirt, a purple blouse and a deep green dress. Before I go any further I think it's very important to mention the compassionate sales girl, Jessica, who helped me every step of the way. I say "How can I help You" more times a day than I can count, but last night it was my turn to hear those words, initially I didn't want to freak Jessica out so I politely declined, only to come back a few minutes later realizing what's the worst She could say. Over coming fear has such a huge reward, even when it's something as simple as accepting help from someone. So, picking and choosing and mostly agreeing with Jessica's great choices, I bought 3 things along with $41 worth of makeup ...I think I'm going to have to rant some other time how freaking expensive makeup is!! And this is just Covergirl, Revlon and L'Oreal. They don't advertise the prices when they make those "how great this makeup is" commercials ... another time.

Anyways, I was all excited and giddy that I bought what I did, all on my own with no big fuss. I drove home, carefully obeying all posted speed limits and excitedly ran upstairs to try on my new rags! Huge Freaking Sigh ... the skirt is too big and the blouse and the dress ...well, were just not cut for me! This is why You buck up and try things on in store. Lesson Learned.

Moving on, got up today and cleaned up a little around the house and then decided I put it off long enough and took the 3 pieces back to the store. 2 for a refund, 1 for an exchange. Yay Me!! Although I was not thrilled with the fact that my very first dress turned out not to fit, it did allow me the opportunity to go to this smaller store next door for gurls more my size. Low and Behold, another wonderful sales girl, willing and wanting to help in anyway. Thankfully, it was just Her and I in the store great is that? So, I ask, "Do You have a Polka-dot dress?" and there it was, hanging on the Rack ...a Gorgeous Little Black Dress with White Polka Dots in two pieces, a Solid Black Slip Dress under and a Sheer Polka dotted outer dress. I LOVED it, So what do I do? buy it run home and try it on? NO! Thankfully, the sales girl says "well, You could try it on here!" ... This wasn't as frightening as I thought it would be, even IF the store was empty. So, back in the fitting rooms, I dropped my slacks, pealed off my t-shirt and slid the dress over my head. It was silky and soft and light ... I stared at myself in the mirror for a moment ...and was taken that I was buying a dress. I was wearing my dress. I wanted a Woman's opinion on it and thought I would bravely step out in the changing area's hallway and hope that Angelica was nearby, She was, She had her arms folded over the low gate waiting for me to step out. She didn't laugh, giggle or anything ... with a simple smile She said "it looks great on You, it's a really a perfect fit. You wear it well." ... We discussed a little bit about the arms, and how they're supposed to fit ... cap sleeves, who knew? and so, with nerves of steel, I bought it ...25% off with a 3 day special 30-50% off, (I got the 30% off), still 55% off for a ca-ute gorgeous little polka-dot dress. After all this, I hardly cared that there were two women who walked into the store while I was changing. Angelica was a doll and I really appreciate all of Her help. I wonder what stories She might have tonight when She goes home to family or friends?

Finally, I came home to text message my one true Friend who happens to be a girl, that I bought a dress, I was sooo excited and wanted to tell Her. She was just as excited for me as I was and texted back She would call on Her way home from work. We talked Her entire drive home.

I have a pretty Black with White Polka-dot Dress. I have a Dress.